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Our mission is to discover your data's hidden power and create new business opportunities together with you.

We translate viable ideas into real-world solutions that work.

Who we are

We are the data science and AI team of Sclable, your end-to-end solutions partner for digital business transformation.

Sclable combines a decade of experience in the development of digital products, services and business models.

We solve complex problems, implement state-of-the-art AI algorithms and develop custom machine learning solutions from idea to scale.

Data Science and AI Center of Expertise
From Idea to Scaling Applications

Understanding Your Business & Data

Understanding Your Business & Data

To succeed in the age of data and AI, let's start small. We audit your data, map and assess it with respect to your business model.

/ Data Audit & Business Mapping

Understanding Your Business & Data
Identifying Business Opportunities

Identifying Business Opportunities

Let's leverage your data to gain insights, identify potential use cases with business impact and create new business opportunities together.

/ Data Strategy & Data Exploration

Identifying Business Opportunities
Developing Data-Driven and AI Solutions

Developing Data-Driven and AI Solutions

We create pilot solutions for use cases that are technically feasible, commercially viable and desired by users and customers. Let's ideate, develop and roll out successful AI products in your company.

/ Prototyping & Productionization to Scale

Developing Data-Driven and AI Solutions

Sclable AI is your partner
if you need to



  • Detect Anomalies
  • Inspect Product Quality Visually
  • Detect Objects & Motion


  • Forecast Sales/Time-Series
  • Predict Deviations, Decay & Downtimes
  • Predict & Plan Warehouse Inventory


  • Optimize Business Processes
  • Automate Recommendations

You see a lot of buzzwords flying around, want to know what's really behind them and want to understand the topic better?

Let's get started
with these three modules

Module 1
Data & AI Training for Managers

Learn the language and capabilities of Data Science and AI, understand the value for your company and improve decision making.

Book a Training Session
Module 2
Data Strategy Development

We'll help you identify the potential of your data, validate use cases and create your first data strategy together with you.

Start Your Journey
Module 3
Creation of a Small Scale Pilot

Once we have identified use cases and your data strategy is in place, we create a pilot with you for the use case that presents the highest business impact.

Create a pilot

Selected Cases

We are trusted by industry leaders in construction, manufacturing, retail, mobility and financial services.

Steel Quality Prediction

Localization and classification of the defect types found during steel sheets manufacturing. Images are acquired from a high-speed camera. Multi-class segmentation problem with high class imbalance.

Deep Learning based image segmentation approach (UNet with EfficientNet as backbone).

Manufacturing Steps Prediction

Given the customer specifications for a new product, it can take days or weeks for engineers to draft the manufacturing process and the offer for the client. Yet the engineers happen to have the input specifications and manufacturing steps for thousands of similar products they have designed and produced before.

Using machine-learning based classifiers one automatically predicts the manufacturing steps necessary for the product solely by using the desired final product specifications as input.

Crop Detection

Wheat is one of the most commonly produced food products and consumed as a staple in household diets. Farmers need to know the density and size of wheat heads to further assess the health, quality and maturity of their wheat fields.

Deep learning-based object detection that identifies wheat heads for further use to monitor their health, quality and majurity.

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