Transforming Industries

with Data Science and
Artificial Intelligence


We want your business to make the most out of the great potential that data & AI provide.

Together with you we unleash your data's power by applying AI to create new business opportunities, to improve your processes and to smarten up your services and products.

We create & translate viable ideas into trustworthy data solutions that work.

How we create a competitive edge for you

We don't like buzzwords, we focus on transforming data into value
Data, Design & Code

Data products need high quality code & great UI/UX to be successful

Trustworthy AI

User trust in the solution is key and requires good design for AI

Data Vision

We support your company’s entire data journey as partners

Production Focus

Our target is to deploy solutions generating value for your company

Continuous Improvement

Usage & feedback data is collected for data-driven improvements

Data Science and AI Center of Expertise
From Idea to Scaling Applications

Making Your Business Data-Driven

To succeed in the age of data, let's start systematically by enabling your organization to assess your current data & AI maturity and work on your first data strategy.

/ Data Strategy & Transformation

Making Your Business Data-Driven

Improving Business Performance

Let's leverage your data to gain process, product & customer insights, identify potential improvements with business impact and create new business opportunities together.

/ Business Analytics & Automation

Improving Business Performance

Developing Data & AI Solutions

We create production-ready solutions for use cases that are technically feasible, commercially viable and desired by users. Let's roll out successful data products in your company.

/ Prototyping & Productionization to Scale

Developing Data & AI Solutions

Sclable AI is your reliable partner
if you want to

Detect Detect

  • Discover malicious behaviour
  • Identify product quality issues
  • Detect objects & anomalies

Predict Predict

  • Forecast sales/supply/demand
  • Predict best compounds or components
  • Remaining lifetime & downtime

Optimize Optimize

  • Automate business processes
  • Optimize asset allocation
  • Improve resource utilization

Recommend Recommend

  • Identify user's next best product
  • Suggest preferred process setup
  • Recommend best suited material

Visualize Visualize

  • Highlight next supply shortfall
  • Monitor status via digital twin
  • Visualize system health

Selected Cases for Data & AI Products

We are trusted by industry leaders in construction, manufacturing, retail, mobility and financial services.

Quotation Process Optimization

Enable fast response time in quotation process by automatically augmenting request data for engineers, e.g. for suppliers in the automotive industry.

Use historic data to predict/recommend number of manufacturing steps needed solely based on the requested specifications and continuously improve predictions based on user feedback.

Competitive advantage due to reduced duration for quotations.

Recommender System Classification Cloud/Hybrid Computing

Customer Churn Prediction

Avoid that users of a digital service become inactive or eventually quit using the service.

Predict likelihood for user to churn based on profile and activity data and propose actions to keep user engaged (both to user and to system owner).

Decreased churn rate (i.e. increased retention rate). Good understanding on main reasons for users leaving the platform.

Survival Prediction Root-Cause Analysis Cluster Analysis

Product Quality Prediction

Avoid quality complaints and high costs caused by delivery of parts with defects, e.g. during steel manufacturing.

Detect defects immediately after manufacturing by using high-speed camera for optical inspection (including details on type and location).

Increased outgoing quality. Potential to increase yield.

Computer Vision Deep Learning Edge Computing

Trusted Recommendations

Simplify user experience and drive conversion with personalized & explainable product or action recommendations.

Build recommender system on user and supporting data and embed using trustworthy AI principles. Relevant both for product or next action recommendations.

Well understandable recommendations in a non-distracting manner. Faster workflow. Increased conversion for recommended products.

Design for AI Recommender System Sequence Prediction Cloud Computing

Crop Health Detection

Automatically assess health, quality and maturity of wheat fields based on outdoor field images.

Apply deep learning on field images to efficiently detect density and size of wheat heads.

Increased transparency on current health as objective basis for best next action.

Computer Vision Deep Learning Edge (Mobile) Computing
Umdasch Group Ventures

Who we are

We are the data science and AI team of Sclable, your end-to-end solutions partner for digital business transformation.

Sclable combines data & AI know-how with design expertise and thorough software engineering, building upon a decade of experience in the development of digital products, services and business models.

We solve complex problems, support businesses in their transformation to becoming data-driven and implement state-of-the-art AI solutions from idea to scale.

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